The death of the newspaper – The Official List

This is a tribute to all of the dead and/or dying newspapers – at the rate they are falling, check back often!!  You can also check out this study from the Pew Research Center, which discusses the fact that most Americans would not care if their local paper folded.

Gannett is cutting more than 1,000 jobs (July 1, 2009; from the Wall Street Journal)

A good article on the future of journalism from Time

Here’s an excellent perspective on the bankruptcy challenges facing newspapers today (from Editor & Publisher).

The Official List so far – RIP!!

The days of free news online are “going to stop” – Rupert Murdoch

McClatchy City Newspapers Charge For TV Section – grabbing dollars, a quarter at a time!

Life After the Newspaper – a Slate editorial

Baltimore – The Sun cuts one-third of its newsroom

Chicago – Tribune laying off 53 from editorial staff

New York, NY – Death by 1,000 lashes (cuts, cuts and more cuts at NYT)

Atlanta, GeorgiaAJC eliminates 30% of news staff; stops delivery to 7 more outlying counties

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Seattle, Washington

Detroit, Michigan

San Francisco, California (not-quite-dead but on the ropes)

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