Please stop the insanity & let the TSA do their job!

They had a spokesperson for We Won’t Fly on CNN this morning, who made the point that passengers are our best line of defense on airlines today.  Unfortunately, the example he used was the underwear bomber, who he said was stopped by none other than you and I – the flying public.


Am I the only one who finds this blather to  be complete and utter nonsense?  Hello – had the full-body scanners been in place, the underwear bomber never would have made it on to a plane in the first place!!  Sorry, We Won’t Fly, but your credibility just got flushed somewhere over the Atlantic.


Oh, and the radiation scare they are trying to spread?  Does We Won’t Fly inform you that the radiation from one scan is about the same as a person would get from flying for about three minutes in an airplane at 30,000 feet, where atmospheric radiation levels are higher than on the ground?  No – didn’t think so.  Or that the amount of radiation from a scan is vastly lower than a single dental X-ray?  Ooops, left that out as well…


As for those at We Won’t Fly that expect to count on me to be a better line of defense than a full-body scanner, I’ve got some advice – please pick a different seat.  I’m an airline narcoleptic.  I fall asleep before the wheels are up, and typically stay sound asleep for the duration of the flight.  Sorry, We Won’t Fly, but the full-body scanner is a much better bet than counting on me for your safety in the air.


To those that agree with the propaganda be spread by those at We Won’t Fly – thank you for not flying.  I’m glad you’re not on board.

~ by chuckmattina on November 24, 2010.

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