Too bizarre to be true…but it is!

A woman is suing Google because she claims walking directions that she got from Google Maps led her to a highway, where she was struck by a car.

Mind you, Google provides the following disclaimer for its walking maps (which is still in Beta right now): Use caution – this route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

Ignoring any shred of common sense and apparently not being in the possession of the least bit of human intelligence, the woman was struck by a car on Utah State Road 224.  Rather than admitting her stupidity, she sued Google and the driver of the car to cover her $100,000 in medical damages, as well as punitive damages – ostensibly for emotional and mental injuries (which may be pre-existing conditions – Google’s lawyers and insurance company may want to check for that.)

I bike.  If I get a bike map from Google Maps or, I have the common sense to check them out and adjust them according to my comfort level with the roads suggested.  Sometimes it means back-tracking to a safer road.  Funny how that seems like the better option to me compared to biking along or across dangerous roads.

This reminds me of a 27-year-old that hid in Sea World until they closed, then jumped in the whale tank to swim with the whales.  He got eaten.  His parents sued because Sea World didn’t have the right signage.  Yeah…that’s what caused him to get eaten, alright…poor signage.

Taking responsibility for one’s actions.  There’s a concept!  Too bad there are way too many knuckleheads out there that would rather sue than admit they’re…well, knuckleheads.

~ by chuckmattina on July 23, 2010.

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