Cheaters Should Never Prosper

“One maxim of prudence is not to do by foul means that which can be accomplished by fair.”

“Take me out to the ball game…Take me out to the crowd…Buy me some ‘roids and HGH…I don’t care if I ever come clean…cause it’s root, root, root for the cheaters…I don’t care ’bout the truth…’Cause it’s one, two, three drugs and you’re in…the ‘ole record book!”

An athlete’s body is his or her ticket to fame and fortune.  Without it, they are on the sidelines, on the bench, or out of the game.  You can’t convince me that any athlete who is paid millions of dollars to perform could or would ingest or inject anything into their body without knowing what they were doing.  The ignorance card – “I had no idea what the (fill in the blank – trainer, doctor, etc.) was having me take” – is just plain BS.  It should insult the intelligence of anybody who calls themselves a fan of sport.

Likewise, Mark McGwire’s assertion that he took steroids simply to heal a hurt or “breaking down” body is BS.  There is no way possible that he did not know the other effects that steroids would have on his body and performance.  Does he really think we are that stupid that we’d believe this excuse for cheating?  If he doesn’t think his record is tarnished, then why did he call Roger Maris’ widow?

Some say we should be lenient on guys like McGwire, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa because their home run race ‘saved’ baseball when it was dying.  Would the government be lenient on a business owner that cheated on their taxes because their business was dying?  I don’t think so.  Logic like this is a slippery slope – it condones cheating if the cheating results in something seemingly positive.  Baseball at that time had some serious problems (it still does, in my opinion), and guys on steroids setting inflated hitting records should be seen as they really are – cheaters, not saviors.

Shame on the St. Louis Cardinals for wanting to hire Mark McGwire to be their hitting coach.  It’s like hiring a fox to guard the henhouse.

And shame on Tony LaRussa for praising him for coming clean.  Hey, it only took nearly 9 years since he boldly lied about steroids in front of Congress.  But I guess Tony doesn’t put a premium on the truth.  Don’t tell the truth when it would be inconvenient (Congress), but do tell the truth when it is convenient (getting a job).  Stand up guy, that Mr. LaRussa.

And shame on Bud Selig for not cracking down on the cheaters and wiping their records from the books.  Say what you will about the sport of cycling, but they stripped Floyd Landis of his Tour de France title because they believed he cheated.  No asterisks, no title, no nothing.  I guess Bud’s excuse is that steroids weren’t officially a banned substance at the time – a logic which simply challenges cheaters to figure out how to always be one step ahead of the rules.

Get some stones, baseball, and take a stand against the cheaters.  Until it does, I’ll discount it as a legitimate sport worthy of my hard earned dollars and attention.

~ by chuckmattina on January 13, 2010.

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