Twitter Strategy: Part 1

According to a recent study by Sysomos,  5% of Twitter accounts generate 75% of all Tweets.  In fact, 24% of all Tweets are created by automated bots.  Another interesting statistic is that 84% of all Twitter accounts are owned by people above the age of 25.

I’ll continue to beat the drum: Twitter must declare its strategy, and soon.  It is up to Twitter to define itself, not the masses.  Absent a clearly defined strategy, Twitter will continue to generate numbers like the ones above – which are not good numbers for marketers, who may ultimately sustain the service.

Let’s be honest – Twitter is NOT a social media tool.  It does not belong in the same conversation as Facebook or LinkedIn or Plaxo.  It is not a friend-to-friend or peer-to-peer platform.  It is a communications medium with broad reach.  Teens have not adopted Twitter because they are very satisified (and proficient) with texting, which is a more private form of communication.  Twitter can be a useful communications tool for news outlets and businesses, but it will need to evolve itself and offer better services to marketers if it wants to survive.

Looking at the numbers from the opposite side, just 25% of all Tweets come from you and me – the 95% of us that don’t have (or care about) 1 million followers.  In fact, only 6.3% of all Twitter users have more than 100 followers – which makes sense, considering research that indicates that humans can effectively manage approximately 150 relationships.

How many more studies will it take before Twitter takes charge of its destiny and declares a strategy?  And, if it were up to you, what strategy would you suggest for them?

~ by chuckmattina on August 6, 2009.

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