Accuracy must still matter!

“Diligence is the mother of success.”

Don’t know why this has set me off today, but it has.  Consider the following headline in my local paper this morning: “iPhone’s game library is large, with unexpensive options.”

Type that headline into Word and you’ll quickly see the error – it should be inexpensive.  Maybe the AP writer missed it (it was an AP story), or maybe the local headline writer wrote it that way.  But come on – how did it get by enough people to wind up in print?

Now, maybe I’d be more charitable if it weren’t for the fact that the local paper also ran the same AP story twice today – once on page A8 and once on page B1.  That’s just plain sloppiness, if you ask me.

We  now have so many ways to communicate – Twitter, email, Facebook messages, texting, etc. – that it seems like volume (but not accuracy) matters.  Would we care if the grocery store added our bill wrong?  You bet, especially if we were overcharged.  But we expect accuracy from them.  Why shouldn’t we expect – demand? – the same level of accuracy and diligence from our newspapers?

Sloppy journalism.  And we wonder why newspapers are dying…

You tell me – am I expecting too much?  Should I be more willing to settle for almost perfect from my newspaper?  Should I be less diligent, or should I expect my paper to be more diligent?

~ by chuckmattina on May 26, 2009.

One Response to “Accuracy must still matter!”

  1. The radio station I listen to in the mornings addressed this same issue today on their talk show. Apparently a local newspaper used the word “incentative” in a headline instead of “incentive”. You’re not expecting too much, Chuck. However, I have to think about the staffing issues that may have led to the inaccuracy or shall I say “unaccuracy” of the newspaper. I think you should hold your local news source accountable. These newspapers rely on readers like you.

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