Why is Everyone All A-Twitter?

“The perfection of writing consists in probability and imitation.”

Unfortunately, this is not true when it comes to 140-character tweets!

I’ve tried.  I’ve honestly tried to understand the value of Twitter, but it has escaped me.  I tried following normal people.  I’ve tried following Lance Armstrong, figuring I’d see if maybe that would prove interesting (heck, I am a cyclist, so it was worth a try).  Here’s a sample of his recent tweets, all riveting and insightful:

Picking up the kids at school. Beautiful day in Austin, Texas.

About to go and get my stitches out.

Taking my kids to school.

Fun night with the kids. Tex Mex dinner, walk in the hood, rippin’ in the yard. Good times.

I’ve gone on Twibs and looked at businesses using Twitter.  Sorry Dunkin’ Donughts or Whole Foods – your tweets don’t do anything for me at all.  So far I fail to understand the business value of Twitter, either.

I know that it is heresy for someone in the communications business to reject a communications “tool”.    But while I may someday understand the social value of Twitter (perhaps my life is too boring for daily tweets – does the real issue now emerge?), I can’t yet understand the business value of it.  Monitor the conversation – yes.  Recommend it as a business tool?  Not there yet.

And let’s link Twitter to my other pet peeve – the news.  George Stephanopoulos plans on conducting a Twitterview with John McCain – yes, a full interview on Twitter, using the 140-character limit.  Now there’s news you can use!  How I miss real journalism…

Unlike perfect writing, my guess is that no one is going to imitate tweets anytime soon.  So I say “WRITE ON!” and leave the 140-character tweets to those who are obviously more interesting than me.

~ by chuckmattina on March 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Why is Everyone All A-Twitter?”

  1. I tend to agree with you, I have a hard time with the true value behind twittering. However, if there was ever a time to start following someone, it would be today. Peter Shankman, a PR guru, is giving away prizes every 8 mins all day tomorrow to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Help A Reporter Out. That might have some value!

  2. Here’s how to follow Peter and his assistant on twitter: http://twitter.com/skydiver
    and Meagan, – http://twitter.com/mwalker117
    (In case anyone is interested!)

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