Bending the truth

“Truth may bend, but it will never break”

Is anyone else out there as amazed as I am at the blatant disregard for the truth in politics?   I find it frightening, actually.

If we, as responsible marketers, were to put an ad on television with false or unsubstantiated claims, we’d run into a bit of trouble with the FCC.  They tend to frown on companies that bend the truth.  So where are they when candidates and their surrogates put boldface lies on the airwaves?  Doesn’t the American consumer deserve the same level of “protection” from the FCC?

A tenet in marketing is that people will taste what you tell them to taste or feel what you tell them to feel.  Which is why the FCC is generally strident in making sure that we – marketers – tell the truth.  Shouldn’t they be as strident when it comes to politicians and their campaigns?

Hopefully the truth won’t break under the weight of the lies and mudslinging that’s going on.  Hopefully the media will continue to work hard to report the truth.  And hopefully we will all seek the truth, even if we don’t necessarily like it.

After all, we deserve the truth.

~ by chuckmattina on September 19, 2008.

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