A matter of experience (vs. natural born leaders)

An author does not write with his gray hairs but according to the dictates of understanding.

Is anyone else tired of all of the political bluster about the value of experience? I know I am. Whoever said that gray (or white, for that matter) hair makes one wiser and better ready to lead?

Kinko’s, Facebook and Flickr are great examples of businesses started by people under the age of 35 – vastly inexperienced people, if you listen to one of the political camps out there today. What these people lacked in experience they made up for with an understanding of what people needed or wanted, and an understanding of how to get it done.

Yes, experience can add to the breadth and depth of one’s understanding. But experience is not the only contributor to understanding – in fact, experience can color one’s experience to the point where new (and good) ideas can be easily squelched because of the “we tried that and it didn’t work” mentality. What worked or didn’t work in the past (experience) may not be an indicator of what can or will work in the future.

I’ll take a natural leader over “experience” any day. Time will eventually give the leader more experience, but time will never make someone who has no natural ability to lead a good leader.

~ by chuckmattina on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “A matter of experience (vs. natural born leaders)”

  1. Chuck – from your words to the nation’s ears. We are dealing with complex issues of global impact. Just like our forefathers who created the great US democratic experiment, today, we need openness to a new and unconventional vision. We need to focus on realistic, disciplined and practical solutions approaches to achieving the unfamiliar – not the impossible. And we need the inspiration and renewing energy of hope – that through belief and by working together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future.

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