Brand vision (what do YOU stand for?)

“I know very well who I am and who I may be if I choose.”

This speaks to the need to truly understand how your customers view you today – and how they may view you in the future if you consistently articulate a clear brand essence. Who you may be requires listening to your customers, and making a conscious decision to focus on one – and only one – positioning idea. It requires sacrifice – yes, you want to tell customers all about your product or company. But what is the one thing that will get their attention? What is the one thing that you truly stand for?

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~ by kimdoran on May 8, 2008.

One Response to “Brand vision (what do YOU stand for?)”

  1. They say focus groups are dead, but I disagree. If done correctly – with a clear understanding of what your customers can and cannot communicate to you – they can create a meaningful level of dialog that is useful to any brand manager. By declaring them to be dead, companies are walking away from an opportunity to listen to their customers and gain insights into their lives. Don’t cram the groups with a million items (a common problem); rather, pick a topic and let your customers talk. Involve them in the conversation in unique and creative ways, and you’d be surprised what you can learn from them – and from well-planned focus groups!

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