About the Quixote Views blog

This is a blog for people that have the courage to see things as they should be, and find the wit and wisdom of Don Quixote to be both inspiring and thought provoking. It is being published by Kim Doran and Chuck Mattina, co-owners of Greensboro-based Quixote Group research, marketing and PR – a company that draws its inspiration from the lessons and stories from Don Quixote.

We’ve taken many of our favorite quotes from the story and relate them to what’s going in the world today.  Select a topic from the Quotes & Commentary section (or from the archived posts), and feel free to join in the conversation – we’d love to hear what you have to say.

In the News Updates section you’ll find an ongoing list of dead or soon-to-be dead newspapers – being in the communications and news field, this is a particular topic of interest to us.  If you know of any that we’ve missed, please let us know!

5 Responses to “About the Quixote Views blog”

  1. A well thought out and developed concept, cheers to Quixote and future discussions!

  2. One of the quotes shown is “Facts are the enemy of truth.” I’ve always loved that quote, but check your source: it’s not from Cervantes’, but from Dale Wasserman, who wrote the play ‘Man of La Mancha’. He used many quotes from Quixote and from Cervantes’ life in putting the play together, but that phrase was Wasserman’s own.

  3. Thanks for the comment, boojidad. It’s all too easy to blur the lines between what was Cervantes and what was from the play. Thanks for setting us straight on the facts – it sounds like you are either a fan of Quixote or a fan of good quotes (or perhaps both).

    Any other Quixote quotes (Cervantes or Wasserman – we’re equal opportunity here at Quixote Group) that you’d like to see discussed?

  4. I love the quote “In last year’s nest there are no birds this year”. It helps me move on from losses

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